Friday, November 7, 2008


I want to put a tatoo on her exopsed shoulder and chest. 


eric j valdes said...

wow hey massa awesome job here. i'm loving the detail, and i think the tatoo idea is great, you should definetly try it.

Kirua said...

I came across your help post earlier on a col>tex issue. Did you find a way to fix it? I was trying to duplicate the same problem in zbrush, but no luck. best guess is maybe you poly painted on a subd 1 mesh. The way polypaint works is on creating a color per vertice. So the more highres the mesh the better.


Kirua said...

Awesome. =)

What was actually wrong with the UVs? Were the UVs overlapping or they were not welded together?


Benj Wheeler said...

Yeah this is hot Amanda, I the uniqueness of the costume a lot. I can picture the tattoo really adding to her overall appearance. Maybe some kind of peircing on the nipple as well would be cool. Keep it going, can't wait to see her posed if you plan it. Excellent work!